It goes without saying that masks have become not only the most mandatory but also the necessary accessory of the moment. It is essential to carry it at all times in which we can be in contact with people with whom we do not live, both to go out on the street for a walk at specific times and to visit family and friends in areas that are already in phase one.

But, despite the fact that it is necessary to take it every time we go out, just because of that need, although we protect ourselves from major problems this mask takes its toll on the skin.

The first thing that masks produce on the skin is irritation. And it is something normal because it rubs the skin both at the level of the chin and on the cheekbones and the septum and the thicker and tighter the worse. In addition, it does not help anything that a kind of microclimate is created inside the mask: “By breathing inside, a watertight ‘climate’ is created with excess humidity and waste microorganisms, But not only irritation appears, but also dryness, a feeling of tightness and its consequent peeling.

And as a result of this, acne is also appearing on the chin and nose above all. In fact, these granites have already earned their own name, as if it were a new trend, the Maskne. This is not like cystic acne, but comes out by rubbing the seams of the mask on the face. And it is that this friction what it does is create small breaks in the skin through which bacteria enter creating acne.

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