My mother was the most inspirational person in my life.  When I would complain about things, she would tell me to be grateful for everything.  For instance, I would say that I was bored.  Her reply was, well get creative and do something to change the situation.

One day I said, I hate cleaning the house.  She quickly answered, “Be thankful that you have a house.”  Her words of wisdom stayed with me my whole life.

When I married an extroverted man, who never met a stranger, I again was faced with being grateful in every situation.  I was introverted and pretty much a loner when I was single.  However, soon after Richard and I were married, I realized that he wanted to entertain people on a routine basis.  We had dinner parties at our home and entertained frequent house guests.

I adapted to my new life style and tried my best to be a great hostess.  I remembered my mother’s words, so I decided that I would create a humorous book about situations that occurred while we entertained our friends and family.

Thus, House Guests 101 A Survival Guide was born.  I turned unique and odd situations into a cartoon like guide.  This book includes 52 cartoon like characters and their antics. 

Enjoy and have a great laugh!

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